Yesterday my husband changed all the passwords of my computer. He removed all my files, photos and things which were on this dear technological friend. No more Photoshop, no more internet, no more losing my time staring in front of the screen like a slug. Now, welcome my pencils and my paints.
Thanks to him.
so see you time to time.


Trying to understand how to use watercolor and gouache. Even if it’s not looking so bad, it’s not evident to think about the volume during the processus of drawing with this two mediums.

My father in law try to teach me this things. Here he is painting on one of his last pieces.


J’essaye de comprendre comment utiliser la gouache et l’aquarelle. Même si sur les photos le rendu n’est pas trop mal, ce n’est pas évident de toujours penser au volume pendant le processus de création avec ces deux médiums.

Mon beau-père essaye de m’apprendre ces techniques. Là il peint sur une de ces dernières pièces.